7 Reasons affecting paragliding prices in Oludeniz


As of 2020 summer tandem paragliding prices vary from 350 TRL (about 44 USD) to 1000 TRL (about 125 USD). This does not include pictures and videos but includes the insurance and entrance fees.

  1. The experience of the pilot.

    • All the pilots need a certification called the P2 certification in order conduct tandem paragliding flights
    • All the companies must have a ‘’Faaliyet belgesi’’ translated as activity certification where they have to name all their pilots conducting the tandem flights. Any pilot that does not have a P2 certification cannot be listed on the activity certification
    • Some pilots have +20 years of experience while others started flying only 3 months ago. There is obviously a huge difference between these two types of pilots, which affects the price very much.
  2. The quality of the material.

    • Every paraglide must be replaced after 500 to 550 flights.
    • After 550 flights, paraglide are a big risk.
    • Paraglide belongs to pilots not the companies.
    • There is a test to check the quality of the paraglide but not every pilot takes this test for his or her paraglide.
    • There is not much you can do to find out how old the paraglide is. You just need to fly with a reputable company.
  3. Insurance

    • Bitter but true. Although each and every company is obliged to insure all their clients, the minimum figure is blur.
    • Some companies insures their customers for 100.000 USD while others do it for 15.000 usd only.
    • In the case of an unexpected accident, your insurance coverage figure may get you out of hospital in a week for instance by using a platinum, or you may end up with a plaster for 6 months, as your insurance coverage may not be enough.
    • The amount every company pays to the insurance companies affects their prices immensely.
    • You can ask your company to show you the insurance documents before you fly where you can find out the figure you will be insured for.
  4. Pictures and videos

    • To start with are they included in the price or not. Normally pilots use 2 cameras during the flight, a go-pro and a 360 camera which takes panoramic pictures.
    • As of 2020 summer, go-pro shoots are 150 TRL (about 19 USD) and 360 is 50 TRL (about 6 usd)
    • The picture quality is important. You may end up with really blur pictures if the pilot have not renewed their cameras in the last 5 years!
    • Ask the pilot to show pictures from their recent flights.
  5. The clientele of the company

    • Some companies have been operating in Oludeniz since 90’s. Some other started only in 2020.
    • Companies that have been operating for a much longer time have much more reviews, better relations with the local travel agencies and a vast database of clients
    • Such companies can afford to ask for more expensive prices while the newbies are more open to price competition
  6. Vehicles

    • Quality of the vehicles that operates from the beach up to the mountain changes from company to company
    • While some companies pays attention to renew the vehicles often and decorate them with accessories like A/C, others don’t
    • The cost of the vehicles is an important effect on the price.
  7. Is there a company?

    • There are 21 official companies operating in Oludeniz as of the year 2020
    • On the other hand, you can buy your flight from almost 200 various points, over the phone or online.
    • While some of these many points sells tickets for the official companies, others sell tickets for pilots who does not have an office or address or sometimes licences.
    • Make sure you receive a valid ticket before you fly showing the information about the company.
 Special thanks to Elif unal from Hanuman paragliding, Zafer Sekerci from Butterfly paragliding, exorienced pilots Mr. Mustafe Uri and Mr. Sami Tenkur for their assistance on writing this article. 

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