Common Areas

terrace and reception

A big, hand made table for 10, hand made Illumination, a seat for 3 that we high jacked from a Boeing 727, and above all, us! 

This is where the fun is, where the friendship is, where everybody tells their stories. 

A bar with cool larger and the reception where you’ll get all the info you need about the place.  


Toilets and showers

This is what we are keen on. Always has to be clean and neat. Simple but efficient. 24 hours hot water in our fancy showers. We have a total of 8 toilets and 3 showers and one toilet shower combo for a total of 35 beds which prevents long toilet queues! 


Not too big, not too small, the size you need in order to use the fridge, cook bits and pieces, prepare sandwich. We were enjoying Iranian cuisine last week prepared by one of our guests. We would love to try your local dishes whenever you want to offer!


We have a washing machine that you can use for a price of 1 euro per load. There is a laundry rack within the laundry to dry your clothes. 

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