Getting Here

Inner city, From Fethiye or Oludeniz

Oludeniz Hostel is located right at the roundabout between Oludeniz/Hisaronu/Fethiye. 

As you leave our premises, if you turn right you are in Hisaronu, if you turn left you are in Ovacik and if you walk straight for 2 km, you are at the Oludeniz beach. Fethiye is at the Ovacik destination and the city centre is 12 km away from us. 

There are 3 local bus services (We call them Dolmush) that operate on the road right in front of us. 

Bus Services are:

Fethiye to Oludeniz

Fethiye to Kaya

Fethiye to Kabak

They all leave Fethiye city centre, pass in front of Fethiye Main Bus Station and pass from the road in front of us. Beware only a few of them have yellow signs instead of white, do not choose them wait a little to get on the ones with white signs at the windscreen. 

Once on the bus travelling from Fethiye, you will be passing the city and the road will start climbing up a mountain with pine forests. On top, you will arrive to Ovacik and you will start seeing the signs for restaurants, bars and hotels. Finally you’ll reach to a roundabout where the Oludeniz Municipality is located. The local market is also set here on every Monday. We are right across the municipality building, next to the market area and ATM machines. Journey from Fethiye centre takes about 20 minutes

Travelling from Oludeniz, you just need to get off at the Hisaronu roundabout and you are at our doorsteps. Journey from Oludeniz takes about 5 minutes

Local Bus operates from 7 am to 1 am everyday between April and October. They operate every 10 minutes at both destinations

From Main Fethiye Bus Station

In front of the Main Fethiye Bus Station you’ll find Carrefor supermarket. Right at the front of the super market there is a bus station. Get on the one of the busses which goes either to Oludeniz or Kaya or Kabak. These buses passes from the road right in front of us. 

Price as of May 2019 is 4.25 TRL and journey takes about 15 minutes

For more details on Local Buses

From Dalaman Airport

Airport Shuttles

There are Airport Shuttles from Dalaman Airport to Main Fethiye Bus Station nearly every hour during summer. (Here is the link to the offical site but its only in Turkish and informs about Fethiye-Dalaman airport timetable only)

Only thing you should be careful about is that there are more than one lines departing from Dalaman Airport. Make sure you get on the Fethiye Line. 

The price as of May 2019 is 17.50 TRL one-way per person. The journey takes about 1 hour

The Shuttle arrives to Main Fethiye Bus Station and here is how to get to Oludeniz HoStel from there

If you are arriving Fethiye Bus Station between midnight and 7 am, you may not be able to get a local bus to reach Oludeniz Hostel and your only option would be a taxi. 


Private Taxi

Get out of the airport and hub on a taxi. Say you want to go to Hisaronu/Oludeniz junction (He sour onu/ Olu dennice qavshak in Turkish phonetics maybe?)  and get off in front of Oludeniz HoStel. It will take about 45 minutes and as of May 2019 around 40 EUR for a car up to 4 people. 

Alternatively, you contact us and we send someone with a board with your name on it at the exit of the arrivals and they will bring you right in. Again, it will take about 45 minutes and as of May 2019 around 40 EUR for a car up to 4 people. 

From Antalya Airport

From Antalya airport take a shuttle to Main Antalya Bus Station. From there take a bus to Fethiye (will take about 3 hours). As you reach Fethiye Bus Station, here is what you need to do

Alternatively take a taxi staright to Oludeniz but you will need to call us to give directions to the driver or use google maps. 

One other way is contact us before your arrival and we’ll arrange a taxi to pick you up from departures gate. 


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