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We believe location is the one of he key features of Oludeniz Hostel. We are located on the roundabout of Fethiye, Ovacik, Oludeniz and Hisaronu.


Known as the best beach of Mediterranean. The lagoon is a natural park and under preservation since 1980’s. The rest of the beach also known as Belcekiz beach is a public beach. All sorts of water sports can be found during the season which starts in late April till late October every year.
From Oludeniz Hostel:
You can take a local minibus (Dolmush) or walk down the hill for 2 km. Minibuses leaves every 5 minutes right in front of Oludeniz Hostel


The wining, dining and dancing center for all region. Place where you get hammered. Full of restaurants, bars, cocktail bars, dancing bars, garden bars, indoor bars, outdoor bars, any kind of bar you want. Turkish, Chinese, Indian any cousine you want is here. Turkish Bath, souvenirs, hairdressers, tattoo studios, all kinds of shops are also available.
From Oludeniz Hostel:
As you step out and turn right, you are in Hisaronu. We are the borderline between Hisaronu and Ovacik.


More residential and rather local comparing to Hisaronu. Most of the accommodation facilities are located here. Back in the days Ovacik used to be where you stay and Hisaronu was where you eat/drink and shop but as years past Ovacik started becoming more commercial as well but only on the main street. The main street (Ataturk Caddesi) starts from the beginning of Ovacik passes right in the middle of Hisaronu all the way to Kaya village. This is the street where Oludeniz Hostel is located as well and where the busses operate.
From Oludeniz Hostel:
As you step out and turn left, you are in Ovacik. We are the borderline between Hisaronu and Ovacik.

Kayakoy (Ghost Town)

Beautiful place with an incredible history. Kaya village which was the largest town center in the whole Fethiye region till 1920’s used to be a Greek village. After the Turkish Independence war, an agreement was signed between the Turkish and Greek Governments to exchange the Turks living in the Greece and the Greeks living in Turkey. As the Greeks left the village all the houses were offered to Turks coming from Greece but Turks refused to live in once Christian homes. So they build their own homes right next to the Greek village but while doing this they took all the limber they can gather from the Greek village. As all the houses in the Greek village (just over 15000) as well as couple churches and a few basilicas, shops etc where build with stone mainly, once the Turks took all they could the whole Greek town became stone buildings with no roofs, doors nor windows. It still remains the same now. It is a lifetime experience to see this rather heartbreaking view of an ancient city lying at the side of couple hills. A must visit whilst you’re here
From Oludeniz Hostel:
As you step out and turn right, walk through Hisaronu and you’ll find yourself in the pine forests. Keep walking for another 30 minutes or so and you will reach Kaya Village. Alternatively take a 20 minutes bike ride, take a horse riding trip or if you’re the lazy type bus gets there in 5 minutes.


The modern city center. Saying modern should not mistake you with Manhattan kind of modern. It is a beautiful small town used to be a mining and fishing town till the 70’s. As years passed we now have a nice small Mediterranean tourist spot with its bazaars, fish markets, shopping areas, Turkish Delight, spices, colors and lights. Locals call Fethiye the Land of Lights.
From Oludeniz Hostel:
As you step out take a minibus that leaves every 5 minutes. after a 25-30 minutes journey through the pine forests you’ll reach Fethiye city center.

Much more

Butterfly Valley, Calis Beach, Gemiler Koyu, Kabak, Faralya Samanlik, Gocek, Patara, Leton, Saklikent, Yakapark, Tlos amongst the many archeology sites, beaches, places to go. Come over and you wont have a minute to spend on the beach if thats what you want!!

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