How to choose a paragliding company in Oludeniz

As of summer, 2020 there are 21 different paragliding companies operating in Oludeniz. For a full list of companies, please check our article.

They offer their services from 350 TRL (about 44 USD) to 1000 TRL (about 125 USD)

For the main reasons of this price difference we strongly recommend you to read our article ‘’ 7 Reasons affecting paragliding prices in Oludeniz’’

When it comes to choosing the good company that will give you a hassle free flight here are our recommendations:

  1. Do not book your flight before coming here
    • Companies fly around 5 times a day. In each flight, there are an average of 10 pilots per company. Although this activity is super popular, it is pretty easy to find availability in the flights. So do not be panicked, you can find a slot upon your arrival.
  2. Online research?
    • Unfortunately there are not a good number of sources you can find about the paragliding activity in Oludeniz
    • You can find a few sources like us to read but the best research is to come here and talk to people.
  3. Trip advisor, google?
    • Anybody can leave a review on Trip advisor and google.
    • All you need is a mail address and membership
    • Although most of the times these review can help, they do not reflect the 100% truth at all times
  4. Insurance
    • Make sure you ask to see the insurance policy document of the company before your flight
  5. Activity certificate
    • All the companies are obliges to register with TURSAB– Turkish travel agencies association. TURSAB issues a ‘’ Faaliyet belgesi’’ which can be translated as activity certificate to each company. Although this document is in Turkish, you can see the name of the pilot company assigns to you on this document.
    • Asking for this document will ensure that this a valid company
    • Seeing the name of your pilot will ensure the pilot has the necessary certification to operate a tandem flight
  6. Pictures
    • Ask your pilot to show pictures he took in his recent flights. This will ensure the quality of his camera

Applying this list will give you a great advantage in choosing a company. This is the points you should be careful with. On the other hand, if you ask for all these from the companies they would politely tell you to sod off. However, the companies that will answer your questions would be the one to choose.

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