Buraya kadar gelmişken yapılması şart olan olay budur. Sırf bunun için gelenler de az değildir yani.

Oludeniz became one of the paragliding capitals since early 90’s. Having Babadag Mountain with an altitude of 1969 meters right next to the best beach of Mediterranean, pilots started flowing in. Since then paragliding became one of the most important features of Oludeniz region. Recently there are almost 21 companies with nearly 200 pilots in the region that are doing tandem paragliding for tourists. If you are a pilot yourself, you can also get the necessary logistics from these companies for your jump.
In Oludeniz hoStel we welcome paragliding enthusiasts. We can help you at all stages of your flying experience if you need.

We have tried to summarize all our knowledge about paragliding. You may read our following articles:

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